Independent financial advice is the cornerstone of the financial planning process. At MacDonald Financial Consultants we believe that advisors think and act best on behalf of clients when they are independent and fee based. We are wholly owned by our directors and we value our independence in this ever changing marketplace.

We are a second generation financial advisory business and have combined experience of over 50 years.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and objective investment advice to our clients. This advice is focused on asset preservation and enhancement, through the implementation of sophisticated investment strategies based on empirical evidence.

Our clients have a varied asset size and delegate their financial affairs to us. Our clients recognise the value of long-term relationships, know that financial goals are not achieved overnight and work with us as we tailor a financial strategy to tend to their specific and individual needs.

Our practice is organised to address the following main concerns of our clients:

  • Preservation of their wealth
  • Mitigate of taxation
  • Protection from undue attack (litigation, insolvency, divorce, contested estates)
  • Transfer wealth to family
  • Charitable giving

If you are accumulating assets; transitioning from one phase of life to another; or if you simply desire Financial Planning/Trust & Estate Planning solutions customised for you, rather than being sold product, please contact us to find out how we can serve your needs.